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View from the Studio
Dawn at the Studio
Hidden Sanctuary
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View from the Studio
The Kellams woodworking studio is a central feature on their homestead in the "head of a hollow". At the end of a forested valley a mile and a half from the nearest pavement and neighbor. In a county so empty it doesn't even have a traffic light. In a State whose existence is usually forgotten.

Their location is not an accident, it is the tranquil West Virginia homeplace they returned to after a decade of study and travel, and living in Germany, California, and Florida. A place with grassy meadows divided by streams and surrounded by trees, with room for an orchard, gardens and animals galore. A place to allow life's unfolding in search of the still center together.
The Studio
Each jewelry box that comes out of the Kellams studio is produced to order by their hands, so to the studio itself as everything else on their homestead was personally built by Thom and Sue. Keeping it simple and allowing the requirements of the work to dictate form, a building that started as a shed for farm equipment evolved into their current fifteen hundred square foot studio. The compact space has separate rooms for finishing, assembly and storage, in addition to the main workshop with its full compliment of the normal woodworking machinery.

In the beginning there was no electricity, no phone, the dirt road ran part of the way in the creek bed and gravity pulled the water down from a spring. The shop equipment was powered by a generator for a number of years while light was from the sun. Although, the spring still supplies the water, things have changed dramatically but not so much that the challenges of life in the rural hinterlands are eliminated. They have at times been known to get nostalgic for the "simpler times".
The Final Sanding
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